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Our Diploma courses in Digital Marketing

Today, there are Millions of Digital Marketing jobs available across all the industries, across the globe, but Million-Dollar question is How to become a Seasoned Digital Marketing Professional? For aspiring Digital Marketing Professionals who intend to work in corporate or even for aspiring ePreneurs, the ones who intend to have their own online business which is currently at 'IDEA' stage which with right training & with right direction, eventually, can be converted into a Multi-Million Dollars enterprises, College of Digital Marketing has made this task much easier.

Our amazing Courses in Digital Marketing, we call these courses amazing, because they have been designed very carefully & critically; the content of each module has been developed after an extensive research that Digital Marketing Courses offered at CDM unambiguously meet the needs of Students, Working Profesionals, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring ePreneurs, Freelancers, and Consultants, etc.

Especially, our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a bouquet of Digital Marketing Trainings offered under one umbrella of umpteen opportunities. Browse through the range of multiple Diplomas in Digital Marketing offered by us and talk to one of your career guide at CDM to book for a Free Demo Session today itself.

PDDM-1 Year

PDDM (Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing)

Digital Marketing is an industry with more of a practical approach than just with the theoretical knowledge; the foundation of one-Year Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing has been kept with similar objective. The first semester being the classroom sessions and the next one is spent with Corporate Internship in Digital Marketing ensures that you enter as student but exit as a Professional & Certified Digital Marketer.


PDDM A&B (PDDM in Advertising & Branding)

The one-Year Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing with specializiation in Advertising & Branding encomasses of modules that are required by any newly-introduced or established brand / product to penetrate the focussed TG and market(s).

If you are an existing or aspiring Advertising Guru and want to hone your skills in this glamorous industry, enroll into this program today, since in Advertising & Branding Diploma Course, at CDM, you not only learn the traditional concepts but also get complete hands-on practice with the latest Digital Branding Tools, for an instance, Social Media Advertising & Branding. We completely believe that Your Dreams certainly deserve, at least, one fair chance to be turned into Reality & This is definitely your chance and do not miss it - Speak to one of our A&B specialist counselors today!!!

PDDM - Real Estate

PDDM in Digital Real Estate Management

Many of you must have been thinking How is Digital Real Estate Management as career option, the answer it certainly is one of the most promising upcoming professional career, and as a professional Real Estate Management Consultant it is very important for one to understand the updated tools of latest technology, such as, Digital Marketing. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing with Specialization in Digital Real Estate Management offered at College of Digital Marketing ensures that by the time you complete your Real Estate Management Course you are turned into a professional as Real Estate Management Consultant with the qualities that industry would expect with the knowledge of tools what are required by the industry.


Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing in HR

This Diploma in Human Resource (HR) Management imparts the knowledge of modern tools with content & the necessary-most Modules of Digital Marketing, including the usage of platforms that are required by any HR Manager for various day-to-day HR operatios.

This 1-year HR Diploma program, along with the Digital Marketing tools, covers all the HR Topics, such as, Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Process, Designing HR Policies, Talent Management, Attrition Rate Management, M&A, HR Audits, Employees Engagement, Training & Development, Payroll Management, etc.

PDDM e-Tail Mgt

Prof. Diploma in Digital Marketing in eTail Management

'eTail' is most popularly referred to Online Retail / Shopping Store or 'e'-Retail, if put in simple words. The Diploma in eTail Management has been designed sepcially for those who intend to make their career in this futuristic, and one of the potential-most industry. In fact, if you are wanting to have your own Online Market Place ePortal, this is the Course in eTail Management you must enroll into.

Enroll into this Professional Diploma in eTail Store Management & Learn How to Add Products & Their Description in an eCommerce Store, or How to Add (IPG) Internet Payment Gateway in A Website - to your Online Business.

PDDM Entrepreneur

Prof. Diploma in Digital Marketing in Entrepreneurship

This Entrepreneurship Diploma Course is a must-to-have education for those who intend to have their own businesses, especially, online business.

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship covers the detailed knowledge of required parameters for starting up an enterprises. Then be it you want to learn How To Design A Website or if you want to learn How to Set Up A Business from the start. Enroll into this majestic Entrepreneurial Training Course today and live your dream business to its fullest.

PDDM Mobile Mktg

Prof. Diploma in Digital Marketing in Mobile Marketing

Mobile, undoubtedly, is the future, therefore, it becomes much more relevant and imperative to learn this uprising, yet-to-completely-evolve technology in time and 'Now Is The Time'. Diploma in Mobile Marketing is one such program, College of Digital Marketing offers that covers all the relevant modules that a Course in Mobile Marketing must.

The typical Modules of Mobile Marketing Diploma Course could cover topics, such as, How To Design A Mobile Phone Website, How to Design A Mobile Phone App, SMS Marketing, etc. If you are looking to enroll into a course which rules the future, Mobile Marketing Training Course is what you should choose without any second thought. Pick up the phone and dial us now to know further details of this Professional Diploma course.


Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing in IB

A Professional Diploma Course in International Business is an apt course for those who either aspire to head International Business Development department of an MNC or intend to, especially, know the trade secret about How to Promote The Family Business in Overseas International Markets and that too spending pretty much lesser than expected, using The Effective Digital Marketing Tools & Platforms.

As mentioned above, this International Business Diploma imparts the updated knowledge of latest & modern tools, such as, Social Media Marketing and Online Brand Reputation Management, etc., which are today the must-to-learn skill sets for any marketing professional. If you are intending to make your career in Sales & BD, this Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing with Specialization in IB is perfectly carved course for you.

PDDM eCommerce

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing in eCom

eCommerce, not long ago, this one was an alien term to most of us; come now, apparently, it has changed the way businesses are seen these days, across the world. In fact, this is one of the industry that is hiring aggressively throughout the planet. The Professional Diploma in eCommerce Development offered at the College of Digital Marketing not only focuses upon the technology part but it also focus upon the business & operations part of it too.

If you are aspiring to have an Online Website Business and have been asking the questions to yourself, such as, How to Set up An eCommerce Portal, or say, How to Start an eCommerce Website, or How to Integrate an IPG (Online Payment Gateway) To A Website? Believe it, you have come to the right place, since at CDM, you learn much more than this.

So all you aspiring ePreneurs, do not even waste a single second & call our eCommerce specialist education counselor today before it is too late.

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